These courses focus on emerging models of enterprise at the interface of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. They examine theories of change and the dynamics of social innovation, and develop both conceptual and practical tools for creating high-performance organizations that are capable of addressing social problems in a sustainable manner. Analysis of exemplary social business ventures, including alumni cases from the Miller Center Accelerator, will illustrate how the discipline of business planning can contribute to the development of social ventures that are economically viable at scale.

Quarter: Fall 2022
Class Code: PHSC 103
Class Title/Name: Advanced Global Health
Professor(s) Name(s): Michele Parker
Class Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Class Times: 2:15 – 3:20pm
Number of Class Credits: 5
Course Description:
Interdisciplinary investigation of topics in public health in a global context, with particular attention to major issues in low and middle-income countries, and the relationships between health status, education, and poverty.

The course includes a social entrepreneurship project. Social Entrepreneurship is a movement that uses business skills and strategies — leveraging the power of enterprises and markets — to foster inclusive economic development and social and environmental justice. You’ll get to take a deep dive into a global health problem of your choice and then come up with a creative idea to combat that problem in a particular region/population.

Prerequisites: PHSC 1 required; PHSC 100 or 150 recommended.

CourseAvail PHSC 103

Point of Contact for more information: Michele Parker, mtparker@scu.ecu

Quarter: Fall 2022
Class Code: ELSJ 135 (cross-listed as SOCI 185)
Class Title/Name: Research: Social Entrepreneurship
Professor(s) Name(s): Jennifer Merritt, Stephen Carroll, Laura Robinson
Class Days: Monday/Wednesday
Class Times: 3:30 – 5:15pm
Number of Class Credits: 5
Course Description:
This course is the culmination of the 2022 Miller Center Fellowship. It draws upon summer fellowship experiences to mentor students in reflecting on their own personal development as leaders and in the art and science of research. The weekly seminar will consist of fellows presenting their own research and reflections on their vocation. Research projects will analyze the social impact of the entrepreneurs’ work and the role technology plays in providing social benefit. Students will reflect upon their experience of engaging with the communities served by social entrepreneurs and the implications for their own vocation.

Required prerequisites: Selection and participation in the 2022 Miller Center Fellowship and ELSJ 134 (Seminar in Social Entrepreneurship).

CourseAvail ELSJ 135
CourseAvail SOCI 185

Point of Contact for more information: Jennifer Merritt, jmerritt@scu.ecu

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Student Fellowship

Miller Center accelerates leadership by providing students with opportunities to learn and work with social entrepreneurs on the front lines of poverty eradication and sustainable development in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The fellowship is a fully-funded summer field experience along with two-quarters of classwork and academic research for Santa Clara University junior-level students.

Student Internships

Are you interested in a student internship working to support Miller Center and social enterprises around the world?


The internship program was created to provide exposure and access to the field of social entrepreneurship and/or impact investing for ALL Santa Clara students, regardless of year of study or program.

Summer is the primary period of enterprise and student internship; however, the internship may available during the academic year.  All work is done remotely and interns are paid by Miller Center.

The internship program is part of a larger SCU and student engagement strategy to engage 500 students per year by 2025.

The Miller Center Internship Program is designed to provide meaningful work opportunities and create a deeper engagement, while creating a value exchange, between Miller Center acceleration program active alumni, or partners, and Santa Clara University students.

All enrolled Santa Clara University, including Jesuit School of Theology, students, undergraduate and graduate, regardless of major, including graduating seniors are eligible to apply.

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