Drawing from her experiences as a member of Montana’s Blackfoot tribe, Jasmyn Burdsall SCU ‘20 is deeply committed to reducing sexual violence and developing trauma management solutions for Native and other marginalized women. Earlier this year, Stanford University named Jasmyn a Knight-Hennessy Scholar, a prestigious award that will enable her to pursue her Master’s degree in Community Health and Prevention Research. She plans to continue investigating the root causes of violence among marginalized populations while developing evidence-based strategies to effectively address it.

Learn more about Jasmyn’s remarkable journey of resilience and purpose in her video conversation with Stephen Carroll (off-camera), Santa Clara University Senior Lecturer and Miller Center Fellowship Academic Director. The video was filmed by Miller Center Fellows Nat Gilmore SCU ’22 and Hannah Miller SCU ’22.

Jasmyn was also featured in a story by Santa Clara University’s Office of Student Fellowships when she was awarded the Knight-Hennessy. As Acting SCU President Lisa Kloppenberg noted, “Jasmyn has shown impressive focus, ingenuity, and creativity in all her endeavors, putting her talents in service of reducing violence against women and helping them recover from trauma. Through her remarkable intellectual development, purposeful leadership, and focused passion, she inspired those around her to believe in the power and resilience of the human spirit. We are tremendously proud of her accomplishments.”

Read the annual report and watch Jasmyn’s video conversation