Our Global Social Benefit Fellowship alumni are moving on to greater things! These 8 graduates of our program start challenging and exciting graduate school programs in the fall.

– Keith Warner OFM

Lindsey Allen

GSBF 2015 with Solar Sister

Action Research Portfolio

London School of Economics, Master of Science in Environment and Development

“Over the course of my research and work in emerging markets, I have come to recognize that many of the development challenges I witnessed are rooted in the vulnerabilities that exist in local food systems. With this in mind, I pursued a postgraduate program that would give me a stronger foundation in food policy, political ecology, and development theory so I can have a greater impact in agricultural development strategies. “

Madeline Nguyen

GSBF 2016 with lluméxico

Action Research Portfolio

Yale University, Yale School of Public Health, Master of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences with a Global Health Concentration

“I applied to Yale School of Public Health because its interdisciplinary approach fosters innovative and critical thinking and provides several opportunities for students to pursue their ambitions. I am very excited to continue my education and to become more equipped to create a more equitable and just world.”

David Hong

GSBF 2016 with Asdenic

Action Research Portfolio

Rush Medical College, Doctor of Medicine Program, MD

“When applying, Rush stood out as one of the most dedicated and committed medical schools in addressing health inequality and disparity within healthcare in the communities they reside in. My hope, in attending Rush, is to not only become a great clinician, but one who additionally understands the social, economic, and environmental factors that contribute to health–and to actively work towards finding solutions both inside the hospital and outside of it as well.”

Grace Krueger

GSBF 2017 with Nurture Africa

Action Research Portfolio

University of California, Berkeley – School of Public Health, Master of Public Health in Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Program

 Grace was inspired to apply to the Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health program at UC Berkeley because of her prior experience serving maternal and child populations while working at Nurture Africa and Stanford Children’s Health. Grace is excited to further develop her research and statistical analysis skills at UC Berkeley and hopes to apply her new skills to empower global communities to reduce health care disparities.”

Athena Nguyen 

GSBF 2017 with Koe Koe Tech

Action Research Portfolio

University of California, Berkeley, Master of Public Health with an emphasis in Global Health and Environment

“I applied to Berkeley because I have always admired its rigorous program and dedication to diversity. I am elated to join a cohort of brilliant people, and I am especially excited to use my position as a Kaiser Permanente Public Health Scholar to engage with underserved communities. “

Brooke Latham

GSBF 2015 with Bana 

Action Research Portfolio

ESADE, Master of Business Administration Program

“After 3 years with Alterna working in impact investing and social entrepreneurship in Guatemala, I am pursuing an MBA to further my career in impact investing. I am excited to be in an international and diverse setting in a program that has a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Christina Egwim

GSBF 2016 with Bana

Action Research Portfolio

University of California, San FranciscoSchool of Medicine – Doctorate in Medicine.”

“I applied to UCSF because I wanted the opportunity to learn from faculty and students who care just as much about health equity, community development, and social justice as they do about human biology and pathology. From this program, I hope to develop the skills that will allow me to be a competent and compassionate physician.”

Esther Bartlett

GSBF 2018 with Koe Koe Tech 

Action Research Portfolio

California Northstate University, College of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine

“I applied to Northstate because it (1) has incredible clinical rotations serving the Californian prison system and substance abuse populations, (2) is ranked in the Top 20 scores nation-wide for the 2018 Step 1 board exam, (3) had an above-average residency match rate for its first graduating class this year. However, I chose to attend Northstate because I quickly recognized that this community is highly motivated, accomplished, socially competent, innovative, and collaborative!”