Miller Center is at the forefront of the global social entrepreneurship movement, with a robust track record of accelerating social enterprises since 2003.

Social entrepreneurs around the world are innovating solutions to tackle our most pressing social problems and addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that social entrepreneurship is leading the way in transforming markets for good and ultimately propelling us to end poverty.

Our work with social entrepreneurs is creating proof points for the case that business can be a driving force for positive change. Our proven model unites the talents and expertise of our executive mentors, world-class programs, Silicon Valley’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and Santa Clara University’s Jesuit heritage of serving the poor and marginalized.

As we advance our mission, we are focused on social enterprises working in the areas of women’s economic empowerment and climate resilience for their disproportionate potential to eliminate poverty and the opportunities they provide to achieve outsized impact. By accompanying social entrepreneurs on their journeys to impact, we are committed to being part of the solution to end global poverty for the next generation.


We accelerate entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet.

our vision

We envision a world where all people are architects of their own futures.


Heroic Ambition

We strive to embody a spirit of giving, standing with the poor and marginalized, and pursuing justice on behalf of all persons.


We walk with social entrepreneurs, mentors, partners, and students on their journeys to impact.


We hold ourselves accountable for high quality and continuous improvement in all we do.


We are honest, genuine, and true to our mission, partners, customers, and each other. We are inclusive and respectful. We act with dignity.

Our Pathway to Scale

Miller Center combines world-class curriculum, executive mentorship, and Santa Clara University resources and values with new partnerships and connectivity to impact investors to support more scalable and replicable social enterprises. This is our direct outcome. Those enterprises, the majority locally-led, in turn, contribute to eliminating poverty through two main pathways — women’s economic empowerment and climate resilience. Their impact will move the needle on four of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals:



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We commit to increasing Miller Center’s capacity to support social justice by embracing a growth mindset and intentionally building diversity in our networks, equity in our processes, inclusiveness throughout our programs and organization, and an everyday comfort with challenging our assumptions and biases.

Impact Measurement and Management

We commit to improving our credibility and transparency when it comes to impact measurement through an iterative learning process to adapt more standardized procedures that measure and report the value of our programs and the impact of our social enterprise partners.

Continuous Learning

We commit to being a learning organization that listens deeply to our stakeholders and continually evolves to better serve them. We employ feedback loops across our work, pay attention to happenings in our sector, and empower all team members to be innovators.


Dedicated to the Global Good

The Miller Center team is passionate about and committed to accompanying social entrepreneurs as they create and scale their impact to end poverty and protect the planet.


our history

Pioneers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

GSBI®, our core methodology, evolved from the Center’s interest in the use of science and technology for social benefit; its role in co-founding The Tech Awards; collaborations with the UN Millennium Project and their influence in defining The Tech Award categories to reflect urgent challenges and the Millennium Development Goals; and concerns about the barriers that innovators faced in scaling their social impact—especially in resource constrained environments.


A Santa Clara University Center of Distinction

Santa Clara’s three Centers of Distinction serve as major points of interaction between the University and local and global communities. Each focuses on a theme that is central to SCU’s mission as a Jesuit university and integrates rigorous inquiry and scholarship, creative imagination, reflective engagement with society, and a commitment to fashioning a more humane and just world.

Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Statement

Miller Center is committed to ensuring that all members of the Miller Center community including our staff members, social entrepreneurs, mentors, students, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, vendors, consultants, donors, Advisory Board members, guests, and other community members are treated with dignity and respect. We celebrate the diverse community our programs bring together, and want all participants to feel belonging.

We pledge to provide a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment for all, that is free from harassment, discrimination, and other inappropriate conduct — regardless of age, ancestry, color, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), marital status (including single status), and record of offences.

Miller Center will not tolerate harassment and violence against or by any person at any Miller Center event.

If you want to report an incident or any other concerns, please share it with any member of our staff directly or at millercenter@scu.edu. You may also use this online form to anonymously report incidents directly through Santa Clara University


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