Build and scale your impact

We provide capacity-strengthening services to leaders of business for good. For social entrepreneurs addressing women’s economic power and/or climate resilience who want to scale their impact, Miller Center offers pro bono programming that provides executive mentorship and structured curriculum to help develop robust business plans for investment and growth.

Our programs have been refined with the support of 1,300+ social entrepreneurs since our first accelerator program in 2003 — offering a clear roadmap to help leaders refine their business plans for scale with an emphasis on operational excellence and fundraising success.


Scaling and Replication

Multiply your impact for new markets

Our scaling and replication initiatives, mentors, and playbooks help the most promising enterprises multiply their impact by scaling out into new markets and geographies, and transfer know-how from the most successful social enterprises to newer ones in similar industries.


Offering accompaniment and expertise

These global business leaders bring deep and broad experience in building and managing teams, raising funding, bringing products and services to market, driving results, external reporting, and myriad other business competencies relevant to the work of social enterprise leaders. They listen, ask questions, and provide helpful external perspectives to the unique challenges and opportunities to our social enterprise accelerator participants. In addition to mentorship, executive coaches also support program participants in building the softer skills needed by social business leaders.


Impact Investing

Improve your fundraising capacity

We prepare social entrepreneurs to navigate the impact investing ecosystem and connect with the right form of capital at each stage of their development. We accompany our alumni to not only nail the pitch but to navigate the full fundraising process. Further, we work with impact investment partners across the spectrum of capital to ensure that social enterprises have the right flavor of capital for their unique growth trajectory and stage of development.

Sisters' Blended Value Project

Sources of hope in local communities

The Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA) has partnered with Miller Center on the Sisters’ Blended Value Project (SBVP) to:

  • Transform Catholic social ministries into social enterprises using Miller Center’s proven methodology
  • Empower religious order members to become apostles for social entrepreneurship through experiential, hands-on training
  • Engage women and youth by providing opportunities for vocations in social entrepreneurship