Supporting entrepreneurs to build sustainable solutions for global challenges

Miller Center has been helping social enterprises grow their businesses and scale their impact since 2003

Creating climate neutral and impact positive products that change lives

Someone Somewhere provides sustainable livelihoods for hundreds of artisans in Mexico’s poorest states

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Someone Somewhere

Collaborating with rural artisans in Mexico’s poorest states to preserve their traditions and create quality, on-trend products to break the poverty cycle.

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One out of every 25 people in the world are artisans, many of whom live in poverty, lack access to markets, and face the loss of generational culture.



artisans receiving a 300% increase in income


miles of artisanal fabric made with recycled threads

Antonio Nuño

Cofounder & CEO, Someone Somewhere

Steve Albertolle

Former CFO

Scott Brown

Communications Professional

Reena Kapoor

 Product Management Leader

Linda Keegan

Executive Coach & Management Consultant

Daphne Luong

Senior Director of Machine Learning & AI, Apple

Jorge Olmos

Author and Entrepreneurship Consultant

Michael Wray

International Business Consultant

Lilly Evans-Riera

BA ’23, Public Health & Political Science, Santa Clara University

Lexi Gomez

BA ’23, Political Science & Spanish, Santa Clara University

Tori Harding

BS ‘22, Commerce, Marketing, & Spanish, Santa Clara University

Sierra Selby

BA ‘23, Marketing, Santa Clara University

JD Worcester

BBA ‘22, International Business, Santa Clara University

Significantly reducing household air pollution in underserved markets in Africa

Mukuru Clean Stoves repurposes locally sourced waste metal to manufacture clean, reliable cookstoves

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Mukuru Clean Stoves

Reducing toxic household air pollution and providing opportunities for women business owners to distribute to the last mile

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In Africa, over 1 million deaths are attributed to household air pollution every year, affecting women and children the most.



reduction in household air pollution


people benefiting from cleaner cooking

Charlot Magayi

Founder & CEO, Mukuru Clean Stoves

Paulette Altmaier

Former Vice President & General Manager, Dell

Ann Marie Kenitzer

Business Strategy Coach

Paul Needham

CEO, Arca and XPRIZE Winner

Bret Waters

CEO, 4thly and Lecturer, Stanford University

Helping microentrepreneurs achieve greater profitability in Southeast Asia

ONOW promotes sustainable poverty alleviation by helping entrepreneurs launch businesses and create jobs

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Enabling female migrants in Southeast Asia to become financially capable and empowered entrepreneurs through business coaching, digital support tools, and access to capital

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With over 1 billion people and one-third under the age of 25, Southeast Asia brims with opportunities, but poverty remains a significant challenge, especially among rural and migrant populations. (20-30 words)



participants equipped with business skills


capital unlocked for entrepreneurs

Matthew Wallace

Founder, Creative Director, SEQUENCE

May Thin Zar Aung

Past entrepreneurs
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Menekse Gencer

C-Level Advisor, mPay Advisory

Dolly Parikh

Social Entrepreneur, Innovation Manager at The Nature Conservancy

James Robbins

Mentor, Board Member, Retired Partner & Founder

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Empowering Changemakers

If you’re looking to accelerate your organization’s growth with world-class mentorship and support in the heart of Silicon Valley, look no further. 100% of program participants leave with a more integrated, credible, and investable plan for scaling.

An Evergreen Network of Support

Our program graduates operate all over the world, and most remain a part of the Miller Center family for many years after participating in their initial accelerator program. You’ll have a multitude of opportunities to stay involved and connect with one another.

Access to Catalytic Capital

Miller Center Capital, our impact investment fund, provides debt financing to top-performing graduates of Miller Center programs. Access to debt investment and investment readiness support is a key benefit of joining the Miller Center alumni community. 

Award-Winning Fellowship

The Miller Center Lewis Family Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for Santa Clara University juniors to learn from social change leaders around the world. Combining academic coursework with real-world experience, you’ll work alongside social entrepreneurs on the front lines of poverty alleviation in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the United States.

Purpose-Driven Internships

We offer paid internships for all Santa Clara students to support Miller Center and social enterprises working on poverty eradication, women’s economic power, and climate resilience around the world. Opportunities may include marketing, finance, graphic design, data analysis, and more. Internships with social enterprises are virtual.

Teaching Social Entrepreneurship

In collaboration with faculty, our goal is to provide at least 10% of all graduating students with opportunities to learn about social entrepreneurship during their time at Santa Clara University. We invite you to join us on that journey.

Our Secret Sauce

Miller Center’s 350+ executive mentors offer a powerful combination of advice, empathy, and guidance that can be transformational for social entrepreneurs as they grow their organizations and seek next-level investment. In turn, our mentors learn about new businesses, utilize their skills, and feel a strong sense of purpose.
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Global Impact

From the heart of Silicon Valley to the peaks of the Himalayas, Miller Center’s impact spans the globe.


social enterprises accelerated


lives impacted in first 3 years post-accelerator


executive mentors


students engaged in fellowships, internships, research, and classes

Our 2023 Cohort

Each year, Miller Center brings a select cohort of social entrepreneurs to California for our In-Residence program. These organizations are all working to build women’s economic power and/or climate resilience in the communities they serve. Meet some of the members of our latest cohort.

“I’m so impressed by the entrepreneurs I’ve mentored — their tenacity, innovation, and commitment to solving social problems. Miller Center is a perfect fit on many levels.”

Mervat Mina
Mervat Mina
Miller Center Mentor. Vice President, Quality Systems Management, Inc.