Reaching Our Students Together

We value the influence of our faculty in reaching students and contributing their expertise to advancing the social enterprise movement. Further, by mobilizing the university’s resources, we aim to foster collaboration between SCU faculty and social entrepreneurs around the world.

Teaching Resource Library

We offer a collection of teaching and scholarly resources for Santa Clara University faculty members, including the foundations of social entrepreneurship, key components of accelerating social enterprises, case studies, and pedagogical materials. 

Partner with Us

We’re excited to partner with Santa Clara University faculty to advance the teaching of social entrepreneurship. Miller Center’s annual faculty workshop introduces the field of social entrepreneurship, shares resources for curriculum development, and lays the foundation for co-creating meaningful research projects. 

Faculty Fellows


Long Le

Professor Le, who teaches management and entrepreneurship in the Leavey School of Business, was awarded a fellowship to conduct research on defining, measuring, and teaching a social entrepreneurial mindset.


Laura Robinson

Professor Robinson’s fellowship project provides the first comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research of the Miller Center Fellowship’s long-term impact on the trajectories of its student-researcher alumni and their post-graduate success.


Chan Thai

Professor Thai is conducing research to assess the social impact of select Miller Center social enterprise partners on their communities and document evidence-based best practices and lessons learned. 

Miller Center Scholars

An interdisciplinary group of faculty, Miller Center Scholars are actively engaged in teaching, research, and service in social entrepreneurship.

Maya Ackerman Computer Science and Engineering

Bonita Banducci Engineering

Marco Bravo Education

Phyllis Brock Management and Entrepreneurship

Charles Byers Marketing

Laura Callahan Modern Languages and Literatures

Cara Chiaraluce Sociology

Madeline Cronin Philosophy

Di Di Sociology

Reginald Duhe Marketing

Laura Ellingson Communication

Jesica Fernandez Ethnic Studies

Roberto Gil LEAD Scholars

Dennis Gordon Political Science

Leslie Gray Environmental Studies and Sciences

Andrew Ishak Communication

Laura Jacobus Management and Entrepreneurship

Hoje Jo Finance

Keyvan Kashkooli Management and Entrepreneurship

Michael Kevane Economics

Molly M. King Sociology

Christopher Kitts Mechanical Engineering

Shoba Krishnan Engineering

Long Le Management and Entrepreneurship

Qiuwen Li Art and Art History

Wilson Lin MSIS

Leocadie Lushombo Jesuit School of Theology

Ed Maurer Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering

Katia Moles Engineering Ethics, Sociology, and Religious Studies

Juan Montermoso Marketing

Pedro Nava Education

Michele Parker Public Health

Maricela Portillo Modern Languages and Literature

Sujata Ramnarayan Marketing

La’Tonya Rease Miles Education

Emily Ray Reese Communication

Haoning Richter Marketing

Laura Robinson Sociology

Ariel Schindewolf Modern Languages and Literatures

Iris Stewart-Frey Environmental Studies and Sciences, Environmental Justice and the Common Good Initiative

Chan Thai Communication

“My experience working closely with social entrepreneurs and watching them change the lives of the communities they work in has been both incredibly humbling and motivating.”

Chan Thai
Chan Thai
Assistant Professor, Communication, and Miller Center Faculty Mentor & Fellow