Santa Clara University Faculty

Weaving social entrepreneurship into the DNA of SCU.


Miller Center has launched a comprehensive campus engagement initiative to strengthen ties between our university community and the social enterprise movement. We want Santa Clara University faculty, students and staff to understand social entrepreneurship and to actively participate in this methodology to foster social justice. We mobilize the resources of the university to collaborate with our social enterprise partners across the world, and draw on their practical experience to engage the university in the global social enterprise movement. Our definition of social entrepreneurship can be found here.

Social entrepreneurship is a methodology that uses business skills and strategies to foster social and environmental justice

Engaging and supporting faculty is central to this strategy because with their expertise they can lead research and teaching in partnership with Miller Center. In collaboration with faculty, we want to provide at least 10% of all graduating students with opportunities to learn about social entrepreneurship. We are beginning to collaboratively develop and support faculty research that can advance the goals of the social enterprise movement. Our social entrepreneurship research framework can be found here. To pursue these goals, we will provide substantial resources which are identified here.

In collaboration with faculty, we want to ensure that every student in every SCU school or college can learn social entrepreneurship.

In July 2021, we are offering a faculty innovation workshop to introduce the field of social entrepreneurship, share resources for curriculum development, and co-create meaningful research projects. This workshop will be designed on the principle of value exchange: faculty will access substantial resources to integrate social entrepreneurship into their teaching and research, and Miller Center will develop a campus network of faculty partners to pursue its strategic goals, in a spirit of collegiality. You can register your interest here.

The social enterprise movement is a broad and diverse global movement of innovative social sector leaders that launch and grow enterprises which measure their success by the change they create in marginalized communities.

Our students — indeed, the world — hunger for problem-solving methodologies to persistent global poverty, racial injustice, and climate catastrophe. Social entrepreneurship offers rich intellectual resources for innovative solutions.

Miller Center fuses social entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley innovation and ingenuity, and SCU’s Jesuit values to be part of the solution to ending poverty for the next generation. Join us!