Sister's Blended Value Project


Young Entrepreneur Leadership Journey for Sisters in Training

This program combines social entrepreneurship and financial literacy with Catholic spiritual leadership training. A trainer’s manual will serve as a guide for the older Sister who will be teaching the concepts to the younger Sisters. This program will be framed as a long-term journey in which workshops occur periodically and are followed with time for the younger Sisters to put their learnings into experiential practice.

Financial Learning Workshop 

This financial literacy workshop supplements existing training used by Eggpreneur and is designed to enhance understanding and application of financial topics. The teaching guide and slide decks will be used by trainers to educate Sisters and local women in financial literacy.


To empower women and promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in remote, rural areas.


To enhance the financial literacy skills and knowledge of current poultry entrepreneurs and to integrate enterprise financial literacy into Catholic spiritual training for the network of Sisters in East Africa.

Research Activities

We held 15 Zoom calls with 3 different congregations’ leaders and 4 workshops with the Sisters in training across East Africa. Through interviews with experienced Sisters, we learned about their journey in beginning a social enterprise and what skills would be helpful in maintaining them. Using presentations to discuss business vocabulary and potential scenarios, our workshops with the Sisters in training assessed their current knowledge of financial and entrepreneurial concepts.

Key Findings

The Sisters in training exhibited strong arithmetic skills and an intense curiosity about social entrepreneurship. They expressed a desire to apply their current quantitative skills and gain new ones in the maintenance of a social enterprise.

The Sisters want their congregational social enterprises to address the needs of women in their communities. This initiative disrupts the social equilibrium where women lack the tools to their own autonomy and also supports the congregations on their journey to self-sufficiency.

The Sisters demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit through resiliency and innovation during the pandemic. Amid country-wide lockdowns, they confidently engaged social entrepreneurship by initiating new projects. Nurturing this spirit will maximize growth and impact in their communities.



Social Enterprise:
Sister’s Blended Value Project


Brooke Rose
Environmental Studies, Sociology

Molly Flood
Religious Studies, Sociology