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Impact Assessment

Our survey identifies and quantifies the impact Banka Bio’s bio-toilets have on various aspects of their customers’ lives with a large focus on public health and agency.

Playbook for Future Assessments

A detailed guide to our conducted research explaining the process of creating the survey and interview questions with a description of the purpose behind each question will allow Banka Bio to continue gathering data and update stakeholders with impact assessments as projects are completed.


Provide affordable bio-toilets where toilets are rare and facilities are bare.


To quantify and describe the cumulative, positive social impact of bioloos for families in Goa and to develop and implement an ongoing social impact reporting system.

Research Activities

We surveyed customers to gather information about how their lives have changed since installation. We assessed three aspects of life: public health and infectious disease rates, personal well-being, and the perceived value of the bio-toilet. We compiled the received data to formulate an impact report showing the benefits of bio-toilet ownership.

Key Findings

  1. Access to bio-toilets reduces the rates of open defecation. Banka Bio provides a comfortable and safe at-home toilet to families without previous access to such facilities, which reduces the need for community members to openly defecate.
  2. With increased sanitation comes increased positive health outcomes. Banka Bio customers who did not previously own a toilet reported increased overall health for themselves and the larger community.
  3. Women feel the biggest increase in well-being. Bio-toilets installed at home make women feel safer and less fearful about using the restroom. Women report increased confidence and dignity after bio-toilet installation.
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