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These courses focus on emerging models of enterprise at the interface of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. They examine theories of change and the dynamics of social innovation and develops both conceptual and practical tools for creating high-performance organizations that are capable of addressing problems in a sustainable manner. Analysis of exemplary social business ventures, including alumni cases from the Miller Center Accelerator will illustrate how the discipline of business planning can contribute the development of social ventures that are economically viable at scale.

Class Code ENGR 169
Class Title/Name Social Entrepreneurship: Organizational Design
Professors Keith Warner, PhD, OFM, CynDai, & Sundar Ramamurthy
Class Days Tuesday
Class Times 6:00 to 7:00 pm
Number of Class Credits 1
Course Description This class applies the principles of human centered design thinking to the startup, growth and scaling of social enterprises. Social entrepreneurs deploy innovative technologies to serve human needs, and design their businesses to make those technologies widely available. You will learn how to use the business model canvas, and how to plan social impact using the impact model, to understand how social entrepreneurs create sustainable social change. Discover how to articulate the components of these models — mission alignment, value chain design, customer-focus, resource mobilization, and partnership strategies — to create social impact with entrepreneurship.
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Point of Contact for more information Keith Warner, kwarner@scu.edu
Other notes: This course will be composed of five 1-hour classes on Tuesday evenings, 6-7pm, plus one 5-hour class. This is a Pass/No Pass course.

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