Teach A Man To Fish

Research Activities

Through our market development research, we analyzed the propensity for school enterprise programs to sell water filters, solar lanterns, sanitary pads, or alternative cooking fuels. We conducted 10 school interviews with school administrators across 5 districts in Uganda, and connected with 7 relevant social enterprises. We transcribed the qualitative data collected during both school interviews and social enterprise meetings into 17 formal reports. These reports provide insight into the different market segmentations for school enterprise operations, the potential market and need for each social value product, and partnership opportunities for the enterprise. The poverty assessment reports provide a quantitative evaluation of community need for each product. We were able to provide comprehensive market development analyses of the school enterprises and social value products, including a recommendation and plan to introduce new products into the school enterprise program.

Key Findings:

1. There is a significant need and available market for solar lanterns and sanitary pads across various market segmentations. Each social value product we researched addressed a significant need, but we discovered that the needs for solar lanterns and sanitary pads were the most consistently discussed and pressing across almost every researched market segment. Schools frequently cited community members’ lack of access to these products and personal savings as the sole reasons for not adopting the products.

2. Most schools have interest and capability to sell solar lanterns and sanitary pads within their school enterprise programs. Many schools that we visited boasted highly enthusiastic, committed, and often sophisticated enterprise programs. Every school administrator interviewed was thoroughly interested and excited by at least one of the social value products we discussed with them, and could outline clear ways in which their program could develop a successful business plan to sell these products.




Social Enterprise:

Teach a Man to Fish


Lauren Oliver

Civil Engineering

Indy Hickman

Management, Information Systems

Faculty Research Mentors:

Dr. Laura Robinson, Sociology


Market Development Analysis. This report presents a market analysis of each researched product which includes: relevant quantitative data from the poverty assessment, qualitative data from social enterprise and school visits, and product particulars including market saturation, barriers to entry, and price points. A second section analyzes schools’ propensity to sell social value products, and the differences between urban versus rural and secondary versus primary schools. Our recommendation for which social value products to sell, along with partnership roadmaps, concludes the report, supplemented by an appendix detailing accounts of each social enterprise meeting and school interviews we conducted.