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Koe Koe Tech’s mission is to increase access to maternal and child health information through digital applications to improve the well-being of the people of Myanmar.


New customer acquisition has plateaued for Koe Koe Tech on its social media platforms. To further tackle the wide-spread health information poverty in Myanmar, it is vital that Koe Koe Tech finds effective and innovative methods to gain more customers as well as retain existing customers through Facebook Ads and Facebook campaigns.

Research Activities

To increase access to maternal health and COVID information for people in Myanmar, we researched and evaluated Koe Koe Tech’s Facebook engagement and social media practices. We assessed different features on Facebook, Facebook marketing techniques, and Facebook advertising algorithms to create content for the social media toolkit. We carried out biweekly meetings with Koe Koe Tech employees to better inform our cultural components of the toolkit and make edits to reflect the company’s current and future needs.

Key Findings:

  1. Facebook is the main source of information in Myanmar. Koe Koe Tech provides health guidance through Facebook because it is the main source of news and information in Myanmar. Facebook is the most important digital marketing resource to achieve the greatest user-base.
  2. Comprehensive resources can support efficient scaling. As Koe Koe Tech grows and begins to scale, they require all-encompassing resources that will support the scaling process. These resources will keep the basics of the business and impact plan while it expands to new populations.
  3. Targeting ads to specific audiences increases engagement. Finding innovative ways to increase engagement is crucial to the success of Koe Koe Tech’s business plan. To encourage engagement, advertising is most effective when targeting a specific audience who sees value in the product.



Social Media Toolkit. Our toolkit provides a basic and comprehensive understanding of Koe Koe Tech’s Facebook usage for advertising purposes through Definitions, How-To’s, and Evaluation of Engagement. Additionally, this manual presents informed recommendations on boosting the effectiveness of social media advertising. This deliverable can be easily translatable and will aid current and future digital marketing employees as Koe Koe Tech begins to scale.

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