Innovation Works


The Broadband Survey offers baseline data and outlines proposed indicators of change.

The Neighborhood Analysis illustrates Innovation Works’ impact through a more narrative lens, consisting of a series of interviews with a subcluster of social entrepreneurs and local neighborhood leaders.

The Surveying Playbook outlines a consistent and repeatable process and survey methodology.


To reduce Baltimore’s neighborhood and racial wealth divide by supporting and accompanying leaders of social enterprises working to create sustainable neighborhood economies.


There are no in-depth metrics that analyze the impact of Innovation Works’ (IW) work on community economic and social development.

Research Activities

We collected data to quantify Innovation Work’s impact on local communities. We designed a broadband survey of Innovation Work’s affiliated entrepreneurs to collect data that measured the proposed indicators of change, and we interviewed a subcluster of entrepreneurs in the West Baltimore neighborhood to offer a narrative lens on IW’s impact.

Key Findings

  1. Community and connections are the most important asset IW offers. Even when businesses gain capital, they cannot gain traction in Baltimore without knowing the right people. IW’s strong community connections and mentor network are accelerators for the growth of its clients’ businesses.
  2. IW is perceived as a reliable, important supporter of entrepreneurs. Jay Nwachu and the IW team are regarded as integral partners for entrepreneurs in their journey to both starting and scaling their businesses.
  3. More resources, tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs, should be offered. Baltimore entrepreneurs are at varying stages of their business development; they all have different skills and needs. Continuing to tailor services to the individual needs of entrepreneurs can help IW make more of a difference in their community.



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