Reducing fetal and neonatal mortality through increased identification of high-risk pregnancies.


Provide enhanced social impact reporting, support scaling through strong sales and business model innovation.

Research Activities

To evaluate the social impact of the CareMother solution, a smartphone-integrated portable diagnostic kit, we traveled to 20 rural villages in Aurangabad, Talasari and Baddi and 3 urban neighborhoods in Mumbai to interview mothers, community health workers, and hospital administrators. We interviewed 31 mothers, 26 community health workers, and 9 hospital administrators in order to understand how using the CareMother solution has led to behavioral changes.

Key Findings:

1. Implementation strategies need to align with target markets. With the right implementation strategy, the CareMother solution can serve rural and urban communities. Urban implementation partners can centralize maternal care by equipping local health centers with the technology. In rural areas, with low population density, partners should aim to train community health workers to deliver maternal care with the CareMother solution door to door.

2. CareMother enhances health knowledge in mothers and community health workers. The introduction of this technology prompts community health workers to more effectively educate mothers, which leads to health-seeking behaviors, such as participating in village health camps and community health worker councils.

3. Partnering with the government can scale social impact. CareNX’s social impact has primarily been funded by corporate social responsibility investments, grants, and awards. To scale, new partnerships are needed. A Public-Private-Partnership business model will increase scalability.




Social Enterprise:

Varsha Kalavar
Public Health Science, Economics


Jess Recchi


1. A Partnership and Investor Sales Kit. A comprehensive sales kit will communicate CareNX’s value propositions, and increase sales and impact. This will explain how can investors, customers, and partners create impact by using CareNX’s technologies.

Partnership and Investor Sales Kit


2. Best Partnership Practices. This document analyzes the current CareMother implementation strategies and offers strategies for optimizing existing partnerships, in rural and urban markets.

Best Partnership Practices

3. Business Model Innovation. This provides guidance for the evolution of the enterprise and its business model, with an emphasis on Public-Private-Partnerships in new geographies and markets.

Business Model Innovation