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A collection of case studies that communicates BHS’s value to potential partners and investors in a clear, concise, and compelling manner. A template document that BHS can use to continue to develop case studies, thereby supporting the sustainability of their business.

A comprehensive working annotated bibliography of best practices in the delivery of healthcare in impoverished areas of East Africa. This bibliography will increase BHS’s reputation of being a reliable knowledge source for funders and clients.


Increase access to healthcare throughout Africa by building private sector capacity.


  1. Effectively communicating Business for Health Solutions’s (BHS) direct and indirect impact in a way that is accessible and compelling to impact investors and corporate partners.
  2. Organize BHS’s informal knowledge and established research on the healthcare system to preserve and access the collective knowledge and build a reputation of being a reliable knowledge source for funders and clients.

Research Activities

We conducted semi-constructed interviews with BHS employees, clients, and volunteer partners in addition to local community members. We also researched the informal knowledge BHS already held, pre-existing literature on those topics, and how to best organize and present complex information.

Key Findings

  1. Utilizing storytelling methods and impact statistics effectively communicates BHS’s direct and indirect impact on African communities. This method of using narrative case studies makes BHS’s impact more accessible to corporate partners and funders.
  2. Much of BHS’s informal knowledge already exists as pre-existing research. A comprehensive working annotated bibliography that combines previous research and BHS’s informal knowledge facilitates effective retrieval, preservation, and use of established best practices.
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