All Across Africa


Alleviating poverty by creating markets and jobs for rural men and women in Africa.


All Across Africa Uganda seeks to scale in Uganda, and better serve its artisans in Rwanda and Uganda.

Research Activities

To identify how the success of Rwanda’s weaving co-ops can be reproduced in women’s weaving groups in Uganda, we interviewed 39 artisans, 16 co-op leaders, and 1 government official in Rwanda and Uganda to understand the local factors that drive success. We also surveyed over 150 artisans about products and services that could help them improve their weaving success.

Key Findings:

  1. Communal culture and local government initiatives support artisan productivity. Pre-existing communal culture in Rwanda positively influences the ability of artisans to mobilize and support one another. The active engagement of government officials and highly experienced local staff are two concrete expressions of that communal culture. These are the primary drivers for the increased productivity of artisans in Rwanda.
  2. Weaver co-ops Report Diverse Needs. Product needs vary widely based on geographic location, most notably by village, but overall solar lanterns, weaving tents, and weaving materials are top priorities for artisans in both countries. While basic needs, like access to healthcare and clean water are major issues in Uganda, energy appears to be the most salient need in Rwanda.



Social Enterprise:

All Across Africa


Samantha Bennett

Environmental Studies & Psychology

Huda Navaid

Political Science

Faculty Research Mentors:

Shireen Al-Azzawi, Economics


Scaling for Success: How AAA Uganda can Effectively Accelerate its Impact. Co-op leaders and artisans identified ways in which operations in Uganda can more effectively scale. Primary areas of focus include training, organization, access to financial resources, and communication.

Enabling Products and Services Proposal. This reports unmet needs among the existing geographically diverse local coops and weaving groups in both Uganda and Rwanda. These needs can be met through an array of enabling products and services in order to enhance artisan productivity and quality of life. We propose that All Across Africa create a pool of financial tools to help local groups access the products and services they choose.