This year we have two sessions planned for SOCAP Virtual 2020. We’re excited to join SOCAP’s lineup of amazing speakers. Register using MillerCenter20 and receive a discount.

Bounceback: Moving Social Enterprises from Play Not to Lose to Play to Win Mode

Session date and time: Thu Oct 22, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM PDT (1 hour)

The COVID-19 crisis impacted social enterprises in many different ways and dramatically altered the business landscape. An enterprise’s ability to bounce back is dependent on its ability to assess this impact and rapidly pivot. Social enterprises will tell their stories of how they pivoted to thrive in the new environment. Small groups will break out to highlight different bounceback pathways and will seek to offer a structured framework for participants to develop their own bounceback plan.

Negative 99% to 0% Return: How Recoverable Grants Can Fund the Missing Middle

Session date and time: Tue Oct 20, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM PDT   (1 hour)

Recoverable grants can be used to capitalize impact funds. Learn how the -99% to 0% return spectrum holds the key to unlocking higher-risk, more entrepreneur-friendly investments to social enterprises in the missing middle. Beneficial Returns, in partnership with Miller Center, demonstrated the effectiveness of this strategy through Truss Fund, providing emergency bridge loans to social enterprises impacted by COVID-19. We will discuss how a similar structure can be used to support social enterprises that have been overlooked by more traditional forms of capital.