Multiplying Impact Despite Pandemic

Guest Blog

As alumni of Miller Center’s GSBI accelerator programs, we are enormously proud to share our 2020 Impact Report with the Miller Center community.

Since 2016 we have been working hard to support artisans from Mexico to overcome poverty by integrating their traditional crafts into innovative products and providing them with access to new markets.

Thanks to the support and mentorship we received from Miller Center during the different stages of our project, we have become more resilient, more professional, and more prepared to overcome every challenge that we face in our endeavor to end artisan’s vulnerability in our country and abroad. Our mentors have been not only enlightening guides but also good friends who have supported us and had our backs when needed.

2020 has been a particularly challenging year for everyone. Luckily it was not the first crisis for us (which our mentors can attest to), so we have been able to overcome it without leaving anyone behind. Our team has always been prepared to adapt to big changes in our operations, and we have been looking for alternative sales channels since our launch. Thanks to this, we were able to grow our business this past year by more than 50% and triple the number of work hours provided to artisans.

Thank you for being part of the Someone Somewhere story. We invite you to read this report to discover the impact you have generated through us, and we hope that we will continue to write even more pages together.

With a lot of excitement for 2021!

Antonio, Enrique, and Fátima
Founders, Someone Somewhere



I am continually impressed by Someone Somewhere — their innovation, determination, and impact on the artisans and their communities. Someone Somewhere is an all-star alum of Miller Center that we often use as an example of what our graduating social entrepreneurs can aspire to do.

—Steve White
Miller Center Executive Fellow and Mentor



We are incredibly honored that Someone Somewhere invited Miller Center to write the forward for their 2020 Impact Report. Read their inspiring and visually stunning report here.

—Jeff and Karen Miller

2020 Impact Report — English

2020 Reporte de Impacto — Español









Antonio Nuño, Enrique Rodríguez, & Fátima Álvarez
Founders, Someone Somewhere