2024 Mentorship Opportunities

Starting June 2024

We are recruiting mentors to serve in both the in-person Fall In-Residence October 24-27 and the June – September virtual Pre-Work phase leading up to it. This cohort will be composed of Miller Center enterprise alumni and the current online accelerator cohort (MCA26). The virtual Pre-Work phase is geared toward preparing social enterprises to articulate and defend their business models to investors and includes a virtual mock investor meeting. The in-person In-Residence phase will take place at Santa Clara University where the social entrepreneurs and mentors come together to learn from industry experts and each other, and will consist of a mock investor panel, storytelling and presentation skills, and other workshops to help them prepare for SOCAP.  Ideally, we would like mentors who sign up for the pre-work to also continue through the In-Residence. Miller Center will then continue support for the entrepreneurs during this year’s SOCAP conference in San Francisco, in which the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their business to a live audience.


  • June 11 – October 31, 2024

Time Commitment:  

  • Virtual Pre-work phase (June 11-October 23) = Mentors have 1hr call/wk with social entrepreneur + prep work + 1-2 webinars + 1st mock investor panel
  • In-person In-Residence (October 24-27) = Mentors meet with entrepreneurs in person for various prep + 2nd mock investor panel

Program Managers: 

  • Karen Runde

Starting July 2024

We are recruiting Mentors for the next Miller Center Accelerator (MCA27) running July 1 – December 18, 2024. This program is designed for high-potential social enterprises with proven traction working on women’s economic power, climate resilience, or the intersection of both. This accelerator combines mentorship with structured curriculum to help social entrepreneurs address gaps in their impact model, business model, and growth strategies, and ultimately move them along the path toward growth, significant scale, and investment. Mentors hold weekly one-hour calls with the social entrepreneurs for the duration of the program to help them build sustainable and scalable businesses by providing their insights


  • July 1 – December 18, 2024

Time Commitment:  

  • Mentors hold weekly one-hour calls with the social entrepreneur; plus 1-3 hours prep time

Program Managers: 

  • Joce Pulido

Programs In Progress

  • Bespoke Mentoring
  • Miller Center Accelerator (MCA26)
  • Innovation Works SP24 Accelerator

Please note:

Once the entrepreneurs for each program or panel session have been selected, the Mentor Network Team will reach out to mentors who have registered their interest through our form or through the Miller Center’s community website. Accelerator mentors will receive a summary of the participants in the cohort and are encouraged to indicate any preferences, interests, and limitations. Panelists mentors will receive an email confirming their participation and an invitation to attend a panelist training Webinar. Generally, you can expect to hear from our team about two weeks before the start of any given program.

Email Lynne or Sharon with any questions at mc-mentors@scu.edu