The last couple years have been tough on everyone as we navigated a pandemic as best we could. For nearly 3 years Miller Center went without having a physical in-residence program, and honestly, I was sort of wondering how much longer I would stay engaged. Miller Center just became yet another set of Zoom calls on my schedule that already had too many Zoom calls on it. For me, it just didn’t have the feel that it once did.

And then Monday night happened. Brigit invited us upstairs for Thai food, I walked into the room and could immediately feel the magic – it was back again! Louis was talking wine. Jose was holding court talking about ops. Steve A. was in the corner helping an entrepreneur with his spreadsheet. Ed was talking strategy. The brainpower and passion in the room was giving off the unmistakable smell of magic being forged.

For me, this has always been the essence of Miller Center. Silicon Valley’s smartest women and men, huddled in a corner, investing themselves unconditionally in social entrepreneurs from around the world. Innovation has always been the result of moments of serendipity. And those moments of serendipity happen when a group of ridiculously smart people are immersed together on campus.

Monday night was it. Thank you for reminding me that the Magic of Miller Center is still alive.

Finally, I know that putting together a program like this takes so much more work than anyone realizes. You all labored hard to make the past week happen. Karen had a thousand details to organize, Lynne and Sharon had to wrangle recalcitrant mentors, Alex had to play money matchmaker, and probably a thousand other things that we never actually saw.

You all worked very hard to make the past week happen, and I want you to know how much we appreciated it. Truly.

So thank you. Here’s to keeping the magic alive.