GSBI® Alumni BounceBack

Recovery and growth masterclass for GSBI Alumni

When the Covid crisis descended, social enterprises quickly shifted from business as usual operations to a survival mode and adopted a Play Not to Lose strategy. But now, or very soon, is the time for enterprises to create a Play to Win strategy and plan for recovery and growth.

Miller Center recently created, prototyped, and is preparing to launch the BounceBack Master Class to support GSBI alumni in developing their strategy and plan for recovery. In the master class, Miller Center mentors and entrepreneurs first characterize the current health of the enterprise and tailor the approach to:

    • Rebuild damaged enterprises — identify and improve the gaps and weaknesses in the business model and establish a foundation for growth for enterprises that have been badly damaged and need to regain their health.
    • Improve diminished enterprisesfix the select damaged elements of the business model and develop a plan to begin to grow for enterprises that are bruised and battered but not badly damaged.
    • Scale intact enterprises — prepare the business model to scale the operational footprint and multiply the impact for enterprises that are relatively unharmed and poised for significant growth.


There is no single silver bullet that will work for every enterprise. BounceBack Master Class mentors assist entrepreneurs with four activities over 3 months to develop a tailored approach that integrates the enterprise’s current health as well as the robustness of the business model and the changes to the market and customer needs resulting from the crisis.

To learn more about the Bounceback program and methodology, please review this recorded webinar

currently enrolling qualified alumni!

The BounceBack mentored program starts September 1. We are currently planning for 20 enterprises in our first cohort with other cohorts to follow.