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15 Trailblazing Entrepreneurs Join Our Latest Accelerator Cohort!

After closing our semiannual recruiting cycle, we are eager to introduce you to our newest cohort — 15 extraordinary social enterprises spanning four continents! These organizations have been handpicked for their commitment to creating positive social impact and their potential to scale in advancing women’s economic power, climate resilience, and poverty alleviation.

With for-profit or hybrid business models, these companies each bring unique approaches to making a lasting difference. The oldest enterprise in our cohort was founded in 2009, a true testament to the enduring power of their vision and mission! All fifteen entrepreneurs have either founded or co-founded their organizations, igniting sparks of innovation that continue to burn bright.

At our program kickoff, the energy in the room was infectious as the social entrepreneurs introduced themselves and bonded over their favorite comfort foods. One participant reconnected with a mentor that they had met at a previous event they attended long ago.

The Miller Center Accelerator has paired each of these entrepreneurs with two executive mentors for weekly meetings to work together through a tailored curriculum. The six-month program, which also includes leadership coaching, is designed to uncover and address business gaps and opportunities and to develop an action plan for achieving their visions for organizational growth. The accelerator will culminate in mock investor meetings to help these leaders prepare to raise funding for their next stage.

The Miller Center staff is deeply moved by the life-changing work these enterprises are doing, and we are honored to present this extraordinary cohort to our blog readers. Their tireless efforts and relentless pursuit of social good serve as inspiration to us all. Together, let us celebrate their achievements, support their endeavors, and bear witness to their transformative impact. You can learn more about each of these enterprises down below.




Introducing our Newest Accelerator Cohort of 28 Phenomenal Entrepreneurs!

After a successful and record-breaking recruiting cycle, I am pleased to announce Miller Center’s newest cohort of social entrepreneurs! Their organizations have been selected for their innovative solutions and commitment to positive social impact in the areas of women’s economic empowerment, climate resilience, or the intersection of both.

One of our largest cohorts to date, these 28 outstanding social enterprises are based in 5 different continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe. The organizations comprise nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid business models, with the oldest enterprise founded in 2006! Seventeen of the 28 entrepreneurs founded or co-founded their organizations.

Officially, we launched the cohort in mid-February. Over the last month, the entrepreneurs have been busy as each meets with their two executive mentors and begins work on their own personalized curriculum. The mentorship and resources these social entrepreneurs will receive through the accelerator program will help them scale their impact — creating even greater sustainable change in their communities.

Program participants are already expressing excitement about the opportunities the accelerator offers. For instance, the social entrepreneurs had a fantastic time getting to know each other at our kickoff cohort mixer. Some participants are even planning trips to meet up with each other in their regions! The Miller Center staff are so inspired by the work these enterprises are doing to create pathways out of poverty for the communities they support.

Please help me welcome our newest group of social entrepreneurs to the Miller Center Accelerator! They are already driving meaningful change in the world and we are excited to see the future impact these organizations will create for women and/or the environment. Please read more about each enterprise below.