Architecting Hope 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report

What does hope look like? Here are some examples from a recent Miller Center trip, where we visited some of our Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) alumni and partners in East Africa:

  • All Across Africa/KAZI is helping Rwandan genocide survivors rebuild their hearts and lives through highvolume artisan markets.
  • Tugende, in Uganda, finances taxi motorcycles as a way to help self-employed people own the tools they need to make a living.
  • PICO Eastern Africa fosters community and growth at the grassroots level, helping African rural and agricultural institutions work better.
  • Jibu enables community-based businesses to meet a basic need: affordable drinking water. During our trip, we witnessed growing and bonded communities brimming with entrepreneurial spirit, blending problem-solving with strong cultural values.

Miller Center sees entrepreneurship as a springboard to sustainable success and dignity throughout the developing world—a “passport out of poverty” in the words of GSBI social entrepreneur Joseph Nkandu—and a pathway to hope.

Download the 2018 Annual Report: Architecting Hope