Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship exists to unify the Santa Clara campus and connect it to the rest of the world. We do this by accelerating global innovation-based entrepreneurship in service to humanity.

Inspired by the Jesuit philosophy of Magis — the value of striving for ever-higher levels of achievement for the common good — Miller Center sets a bold vision for impacting the lives of 1 billion poor by 2020. Just as Silicon Valley is world-renown for innovation and entrepreneurship, we aspire to lead the way on a global scale to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world through social entrepreneurship.

By combining innovation and entrepreneurship, Miller Center unlocks the full potential of social entrepreneurs solving the problems of poverty around the world. A team of Silicon Valley leaders, mentors, and students accompany these entrepreneurs, delivering proven methodologies and programs that help them build and scale financially sustainable businesses. We’ve helped hundreds of social entrepreneurs who have collectively impacted the lives of millions.

And we are only just beginning.

Download Accelerating Global Impact white paper.