Resilience | Annual Report 2020

Annual Report

If we were to pick one word that speaks to hope in 2020, it’s resilience. As the world faces a global pandemic, we’ve seen incredibly resilient people, enterprises, communities, and nations emerge as role models and heroes. Yet resilience is not new to social entrepreneurs. While these women and men continue tapping into their own resilience to confront COVID-19, they have also long fought to build resilience into the world’s impoverished communities, providing hope to our most vulnerable.

Resilience in the social enterprise ecosystem is about a community’s ability to absorb stresses and bounce back stronger in fighting poverty, systemic injustices, health crises, climate change, and more. As these entrepreneurs work tirelessly on the front lines of poverty eradication, racial and social justice, and climate resilience, they elevate those who are marginalized, particularly women and people of color, by providing equitable access to resources and opportunity. Miller Center is honored to accompany our social entrepreneurs worldwide to build resilient communities and architect a more just, humane, and sustainable world.

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