GSBI Alumni Identify Key Trends in Distribution and Energy Access


On April 18, two Miller Center alumni – Emma Colenbrander, head of the Global Distributor’s Collective (GDC) at Practical Action UK and Lesley Marincola, CEO of Angaza – joined us to share key trends in the last mile distribution (LMD) and energy sectors.

Emma at GDC gave an overview of the challenges and trends at the ecosystem level that they’ve learned from working with hundreds of distributors. These trends include the surprising data that shows the importance of distributors increasing product diversity in their offerings versus the traditional consensus that specializing in selling one product allows for better efficiency and scale. Lesley at Angaza followed up by presenting more details on the needs of distribution partners and how they use human-centered design to build technology solutions that address them.

This webinar was a part of the focused curriculum Miller Center has developed to support our sector-specific affinity groups that work with entrepreneurs running last mile distribution and energy access businesses.