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In Pakistan, 80% of the population lives in rural areas and does not have access to health care. In India, pregnancy is commonly life-threatening instead of life-giving. In Mexico, low-income children are at risk of delayed development due to poor childcare services.

The list goes on across the globe, but there is hope. Social Enterprises like United Care Foundation, Best of the Bump, and Hipocampus Centros de Aprendizaje are delivering innovative and sustainable means to an end for these pressing challenges. There are companies and entrepreneurs that recognize the underserved and fight the good fight to support them.

Hope Grows for the Twelve

This year on February 10, twelve social enterprises such as these graduated from GSBI Online 2016-2017 Cohort 9. These social enterprises focus on a range of problems including access to low-cost medical diagnosis camps, women’s reproductive health, clean energy access, and education. Over the past six months the social enterprises, along with their expert mentors, have worked to validate their business models and growth strategies to solidify their business and expand impact.

In addition to graduating from the program, these social enterprises have reached important milestones, including:

●      Establishing growth partners,

●      Expanding their enterprise, and

●      Receiving important seed funding.

Meet the Twelve

Below are the twelve presentations from the GSBI Online Cohort 9, which showcase each social entrepreneur’s passion and innovative work towards alleviating global poverty. These presentations highlight their mission, value proposition, and the business models that were elaborated upon throughout the six months of the program.

Presentations and Profiles

In addition to these presentations, interested impact investors and foundations can also view Cohort 9’s investor profiles on the Miller Center website. Each profile highlights the enterprise’s work, its impact, growth plans and financing needs. We are also excited to announce that recent GSBI Online alum, Hipocampus Centros de Aprendizaje, has been selected to participate in the 2017 GSBI Accelerator.

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