We are pleased to present to you 8 zines for our 16 Miller Center Fellows this year! Each presents the team of fellows, the host social enterprise requesting an action research project, and the “country culture context” of the social enterprise, its mission and this project. We are particularly pleased with the video self-introductions by the fellows — each presents a bit of their own background and their aspirations for engaging our social enterprise partners. This year all international placements will be virtual.

These are the just the first chapters of these zines. Please click the zine cover to read the full content. On June 14 the fellows will pitch their research plans for the summer, and a recording of that will be included in the second chapter. As the fellows complete various milestones in the program they will report out results and reflection in these zines — we will share updated versions with you later this year!

We hope you can join us for the research pitch session on June 14! Request an invite here.

The Miller Center Fellowship was formerly named “Global Social Benefit Fellowship”