Alumni Mentorship Program

Accompaniment for GSBI Alumni seeking to grow their impact

This program builds from the success of our first alumni cohort, offers customized curriculum, and provides flexible mentorship so you spend time working on your biggest barriers to growth– from building out your board of directors to understanding the range of impact investment vehicles.

You will also have access to our full suite of new material!

If applicable, you will also have access to our newest curriculum and specialized mentors supporting you in managing geographical expansion into new markets or territories.



We’re currently enrolling qualified alumni!

Do You Meet the Criteria Below?

    • Graduated from a GSBI accelerator program that lasted 3 months or longer (e.g. GSBI Online).

    • Made significant progress, or good faith efforts, in growth strategies identified in previous GSBI accelerator programs.

    • At an inflection point in your business and seek strategic mentorship to achieve new levels of scale.

    • Willing to commit 3-6 hours of work per week to complete program deliverables throughout the course of the 3-6 month engagement.

    • If you Answered Yes to all the above, submit your GSBI AMP application.


Note: Applications are prioritized on a first come first serve basis and evaluated based on the ability of the program to help you break through persistent roadblocks and achieve new levels of sustainability and scale.


This alumni program is made possible through the generous support of the Morgan Family Foundation, Dan and Charmaine Warmenhoven, and Carsten Family Foundation.

Application & Program Cycle

When you’re ready, please fill out the AMP application.
Expect at least 1 month between application and the earliest possible program start date.

Qualification and Fit

We will notify you within one to two weeks of submission. If this program could add value for you, we will add you to the qualified candidate pool for an interview. If we don’t think this program is a good fit for you at the moment, please join our mailing list for updates, special events and new offerings.


The first week of each month we will reach out to qualified social enterprises to schedule interviews. Interviews aim to determine program fit, mentor preferences, and tentative goals.

Interviews are prioritized on factors including:

    • Urgency of mentorship
    • Mentor availability and fit
    • Order of application

Mentor Pairing and Curriculum Assignment

Based on information gained during the interview, Miller Center Staff will pair you with mentors and design a custom learning track for your program engagement.


By the beginning of the next calendar month, we will introduce you to your mentors and kick-off your program.

Mentored Curriculum

Over the course of 3-6 months you will work with your mentors to complete your customized curriculum.

In-Residence Selection

In May 2020, all AMP graduates and current participants will be assessed for participation in our In-Residence Program at Santa Clara University happening in August of 2020. At the In-Residence, investment facilitation support will be provided by Miller Center, deep dives into your business to support your goals will also take place. Selection to the In-residence program will be based on successful completion of the AMP program, and ability for the in-residence programming to add significant value to your organization.

Key Features of AMP

Rolling Admission

This program supports you when you need it most. We will admit 3-4 alumni every month through a monthly intake cycle.

Customized curriculum tracks

To support late stage alumni social enterprises, a one size fits all approach doesn’t make sense. We work with you at the outset of the program to develop a learning journey that allows you to spend time where you need it most.

Want to stay focused and move fast? We can design a 3 month track or If you would rather cover more in-depth topics, we can tailor a track for up to 6 months.

Access to new content

Not only will you use our most up-to-date curriculum, you will also have access to new masterclasses and our specialized “Scale-Out” content around geographic expansion.

Trusted Mentorship

As always, two experienced mentors will accompany you as trusted advisors and guide you through the curriculum and any other advice you may need.

In-residence eligible

Graduates of this program will be eligible to be selected into the flagship 2020 GSBI In-Residence Accelerator and Showcase held over seven days in August 2020 at Santa Clara University.