Teach A Man To Fish


Support Ugandan schools in creating enterprises in order for students to learn the hands-on business skills they need to succeed in school, work, and life.


Provide applicable tools for Ugandan schools to build enterprises and offer students the entrepreneurial skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly competitive job market.

Research Activities

To deliver business material to the schools, we hosted 30 one-hour workshops for teachers on business planning and implementation. In order to ensure the efficacy of this delivery, we collected feedback from eight teachers in two different schools regarding their experience with three separate sets of business curricula: one designed by Teach a Man to Fish, and two by the Miller Center (the Farming Enterprise Workbook and the African Storytelling in a Digital World Workbook).

Key Findings:

  1. Teachers and students are motivated to be social entrepreneurs. All involved understand their stake in social entrepreneurship; they simply need guidance on how to become entrepreneurs themselves.
  2. Communication must be outfitted for mobile technology. With limited access to computers, it is critical that anything shared via technology is optimized for mobile phones.
  3. Teachers have knowledge to share. Teachers have a wealth of insight and stories, it is important to invite them to share rather than expecting it unprompted.


Building a Better Partnership: Recommendations for Teach a Man to Fish (TAMTF) to Improve Their Work with Ugandan Sisters’ Schools. A summary of the activities undertaken by both schools, and recommendations for how TAMTF can strengthen their methodologies for sisters’ schools in the future.



Social Enterprise:
Teach a Man to Fish

Shelby White

Nikki Kim