Research Activities:

Nazava aims to impact Indonesian communities in four areas – time savings, financial savings, health benefits, and greenhouse gas emission reduction. In an effort to evaluate these social impact metrics and provide Nazava with information to facilitate its scaling, we traveled to nine communities across three islands. We gathered data from 87 participants, 70 of whom completed a semi-structured interview and a mobile survey while the remaining 17 completed a semi-structured interview only. Our research began on Sabu Island, where we pieced together the social network that allows Nazava’s filters to distribute successfully. Across all research sites, we assessed the state of Nazava’s impact metrics through interviewing and surveying resellers, filter users, and filter nonusers.

Key Findings:

    1. Impact varies across different communities. In remote locations like Sabu Island, where water purification is not universal, positive health impacts after filter adoption were evident. In Bandung or other areas, however, many already have an established purification method and are interested in Nazava mainly for potential time savings or financial savings. Understanding the needs of the different communities Nazava works in is crucial to unveiling what customers are seeking in Nazava’s products and whether those products are truly impacting each metric.
    2. Partnerships could help scale impact. As research revealed the key role the NGO PLAN International plays in the distribution system on Sabu, it became evident that strengthened partnerships with established NGOs can help Nazava overcome last mile distribution challenges and scale impact for both organizations.



Social Enterprise:



Meghan Carlsen


Katie Waddell


Faculty Research Mentors:

Dr. Shireen Al-Azzawi, Economics

Dr. David Pinault, Religious Studies


Social Impact Assessment. This detailed report analyzes interview and survey data to present the research findings on Nazava’s impact metrics. The report will be used internally by Nazava to validate successful components of its model, discern areas for improvement, and facilitate the company’s aspirations to scale.


Marketing Report. Nazava will be able to present this report to stakeholders and potential investors as it highlights the impact that Nazava’s filters can have upon end-beneficiaries, especially in terms of health benefits, time savings and monetary savings. It also features key drivers for Nazava’s documented and future success, deduced from the social impact field research.

Sabu Partnership Network Report. This report details the inner workings of the complicated network involved in water sanitation education as well as water filter promotion and distribution on remote Sabu Island. Nazava will be able to use this research to discern which components of the Sabu network are critical to the success of the system, which segments could be improved, and which parts could be replicated in other similar areas.

Nazava Partnership Tool. After witnessing how crucial partnerships are for Nazava’s success, especially in remote or rural areas like Sabu Island, we utilized our research to formulate a tool that could aid Nazava in strengthening its existing relationships as well as formulating new beneficial ones. The Tool showcases what the benefits of being a Nazava partner are as well as what partners should be able to offer to further Nazava’s mission.