Nazava Water Filters

Affordable & Clean Water for Indonesia

In the summer of 2014, two Santa Clara University students traveled to Indonesia for 8 weeks to conduct research for Nazava Water Filters as part of the Global Social Benefit Fellowship. Nazava is a social enterprise that sells low cost water filters to consumers in Indonesia who often do not have access to clean and drinkable water.

During their time, the fellows traveled to the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok and Papua in the Indonesian archipelago and joined resellers in their sales activities and were able to make observations on weaknesses and strengths in the sales methods of multiple resellers. While doing this, the fellows also conducted over 80 mobile surveys current Navaza users and potential Nazava customers. From these surveys, they were able to obtain information on demographics and preferences for the Nazava customer base. During their time in Indonesia, one fellow also took pictures to create a gallery for Nazava to be used in future promotional efforts.




Social Enterprise:

Lisa McMonagle  
Ilhan Ahmed  

Faculty Research Mentor
Dr. David Pinault
Religious Studies


Description of Action Research Findings/Report The Nazava GSB fellows conducted surveys and analyzed the results, and the data is presented here in the Action Research Report, along with observational data from extensive time spent with resellers in the field.

Nazava Reseller Training Manual The Nazava Reseller Training Manual will be used by Nazava resellers across the Indonesian archipelago. The goal of this manual is to provide marketing and sales training to resellers in order for them to broaden their customer base and increase sales. Included in the manual are insights based on observing resellers, information on the average Nazava customer based on survey data, and information on the filters themselves.