Koe Koe Tech

Research Activities

Koe Koe Tech revolutionizes Myanmar’s health sector by giving patients, hospitals, and government access to quality health information and services. To capture and convey the impact Koe Koe Tech has had on the country’s population, we traveled to various regions throughout Myanmar. From Yangon to Mandalay, our team conducted 6 video interviews, 15 in-depth interviews, and 162 phone surveys. Our research incorporated marketing-targeted questions and social impact assessments.

Key Findings:

1. Concrete relationships between Koe Koe Tech and its users are needed. Through our prior research and field experience, we discovered that Koe Koe Tech needs to develop more substantial relationships with their direct beneficiaries. By leveraging already existing enthusiasm for maymay, a mobile application, Koe Koe Tech has the potential to not only increase the uptake of the app, but also establish a Community Champions program.

2. Mobile technology is the best channel to scale. The data from our surveys and interviews provide proof-of-concept for the impact and reach of telemedicine in Mynanmar. Information and access that would otherwise be difficult to ascertain has been freely provided by Koe Koe Tech’s initiative to utilize mobile technology.




Social Enterprise:

Koe Koe Tech


Athena Nguyen

Public Health and Political Science

Emily Alonso


Esther Bartlett


Faculty Research Mentors:

Dr. Craig Stephens, Public Health

Michael Whalen, Communication


Impact Assessment, Maymay Strategy, and Nurses Training Module. The social impact assessment contains data on Koe Koe Tech’s maymay application and focuses on impact metrics. The strategy report analyzes in-depth interviews with maymay users to introduce a plan of action for a Community Champions program. The maymay nurses training module is an interactive slide deck with parallel talking points to be used by Koe Koe Tech’s marketing staff when training partner nurses.

Opportunity Assessment: Health Management Information System. This assessment presents recommendations on how to craft a health management information system that appeals to both patients and health providers. This analytical report utilizes data from surveys and interviews to examine existing attitudes towards health and medicine. Additionally, this report details the challenges that can arise with the implementation of the system.

Digital Visual Marketing Portfolio. An interactive web page highlights six different maymay application users through short video profiles, written text, and still photography. One cohesive video encapsulates these profiles to further Koe Koe Tech’s marketing to both prospective users and possible partners. An additional video provides a personal look at the staff by explaining each one’s background and telling their story.