Enterprise playbook— how to economically empower your community with passion. This playbook will guide partner organizations as they adopt KadAfrica’s operations model, and includes suggestions about which programs to adopt based on the size and fiscal health of the partner organization.

Download the Playbook Deliverable

Video — how passion (fruit) empowers Ugandan women: the KadAfrica experience. A five-minute video exploring KadAfrica’s journey as a successful social enterprise that creates positive impact. The video will explain to other social entrepreneurs and investors: how KadAfrica came to be, what KadAfrica does, and why its model is an innovative and effective approach to development.


Create economic opportunity for girls through passion fruit farming.


Help KadAfrica to attract impact investment and to communicate more broadly its business and social impact models.

Research Activities

KadAfrica economically empowers out-of-school girls. It is successfully fulfilling this mission in villages surrounding Fort Portal, Uganda, but is unable to reach beyond because it lacks the tools to effectively communicate its impact model and operations. To develop these, we completed 36 in-depth semi-structured interviews with 26 people, 14 with KadAfrica staff members and 12 with KadAfrica girls. We conducted one focus group with 20 KadAfrica girls on-site. These interviews inform the content within the enterprise playbook and video which showcase the impact of KadAfrica.

Key Findings:

    1. Community engagement is crucial to KadAfrica’s success and reputation. Involvement with the community and support from local council leaders has cultivated KadAfrica’s positive reputation. This allows KadAfrica to recruit girls and local growers and persuade people to lease land at no cost.
    2. The outgrower program supports financial sustainability of the enterprise. Through this program, KadAfrica provides seedlings to independent passion fruit farmers with the promise that the farmer will sell all of their fruit back to the enterprise. KadAfrica can invest in other programs at a loss because of this important revenue source.
    3. Consistency and depth of engagement facilitates sustainable impact. During the 2.5 year long program KadAfrica girls receive five trainings a week, helping keep the drop-out rate at ~10%. Girls utilize their training to become outgrowers after the formal training ends. Savings groups are implemented for the KadAfrica girls, empowering women economically and providing economic resilience through diverse loan patterns. These groups encourage trust networks and collaboration within communities, allowing the groups to become self-sufficient.


Social Enterprise:

Ali Deambrosio
Political Science, Communication

Quinn Gonzales
Public Health

Faculty Research Mentor:
Michael Whalen, Communication