Research Activities:

We conducted a total of 50 semi-structured interviews in Campeche, Mexico. A total of 32 individuals were interviewed regarding their satisfaction with their solar home system. The objective was to discern the similarities and differences in beneficiary experience between government program recipients and ILUMÉXICO clients. Eighteen individuals were interviewed regarding a solar cooler prototype designed by a team of Santa Clara University engineering students.

Key Findings:

    1. After-sale services increase customer satisfaction. All individuals were satisfied with their solar light; however, satisfaction varied depending on the presence of after-sales services and company-customer relationships. Unlike the government program recipients, ILUMÉXICO’s clients are offered a network of after-sales services and maintenance should their solar home system fail. ILUMÉXICO’s customers reported higher satisfaction, apparently due to the after-sales service model.
    2. Potential customers. Field data suggests that most of the government program recipients were not included in ILUMÉXICO’s network. When solar home system parts break, government program recipients usually go to expensive hardware stores for replacement parts. These individuals are potential new customers and could help ILUMÉXICO expand their client base.
    3. Solar cooler market viability. All individuals interviewed provided positive feedback on the design, but some said they would like the cooler to be bigger. Regardless, they expressed their desire to buy and use it, given the right circumstances. Furthermore, these individuals saw the economic benefits of refrigeration, but are price sensitive. Based on the data, ILUMÉXICO has a strong market opportunity to sell the solar coolers in Campeche.



Social Enterprise:



Isabel Miranda


Madeline Nguyen

Psychology, Spanish

Faculty Research Mentors:

Ariel Schindewolf, Modern Languages


Comparative Study. This report outlines an argument for why the social enterprise model of ILUMÉXICO is likely to result in greater satisfaction from end beneficiaries than the traditional government aid model. Furthermore, it shows how this model is sustainable long-term and can help rural Mexicans move up the energy ladder. The report will help ILUMÉXICO explain the value of its model to solar programs funded by the Mexican government.


Referral Program Proposal. This deliverable is a formal proposal on the opportunity ILUMÉXICO has to increase their client base through a referral program. It includes research on possible benefits of the program with evidence drawn from similar social enterprise case studies. Additionally, it proposes a pathway for ILUMÉXICO to incorporate government recipients into their network.

Solar Cooler Report. This describes the potential benefits of selling a solar cooler in rural México, analyzes the collected data, and outlines its potential economic, social, and health impacts on customers, if implemented. It provides suggestions for ILUMÉXICO’s next steps to bring the solar cooler to the market.