Iluméxico: Solar Energy for Social Development

Iluméxico is a social enterprise that strives to eradicate energy poverty in Mexico by introducing clean technology solar systems and community development programs to marginalized communities. By integrating last-mile marketing, microfinance options, distribution, and maintenance methods, Iluméxico has achieved a presence in 11 Mexican states, including four rural branches. Looking towards a brighter future, Ilumexico hopes to strengthen its business model in order to make a larger impact on local communities and national indicators.

Out of Iluméxico’s desire to improve and grow came the idea of conducting a customer satisfaction evaluation project. Two Global Social Benefit Fellows spent nine months researching independently and side-by-side with Iluméxico to ultimately collect and analyze over 250 customer surveys in order to implement positive changes in the organization based on user feedback. From the research and analytical reports, Iluméxcio hopes to increase customer satisfaction and streamline their business model in order to more efficiently scale and expand their operations.

The three action research reports encompass the work and analysis completed during the Fellows’ seven-week field experience in two of the four Mexican states where Iluméxico has established local branches. The completion of over 250 customer satisfaction surveys using the NPS methodology served as a basis for the customer satisfaction and business analysis in the following reports. Two reports also created from the data, Customer Feedback and Potential Solutions and ILUcentro Strategy and Development, will not be included for display to the public.




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Research Project Overview The Research Project Overview report serves as an introduction to the Ilumexico enterprise and its research needs. It includes an overview of the research activities completed in the field and the analytical reports created from our findings.

Customer Satisfaction Report The Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Base-of-the-Pyramid report focuses on customer feedback from over 260 solar system users in the states of Campeche and Oaxaca, which was systematically collected in survey format using Net Promoter Score methodology. The collection process and all modifications made to the methodology are included in a manual, which concludes with the pros and cons of using this methodology in rural areas, as well as suggestions for future use.

Solar Cooler Report The Technology Development: Solar Cooler report describes the addition of a small-scale solar-powered cooler to Ilumexico’s product line in order to deepen customer engagement. It includes challenges that must be considered in last-mile markets, customer profiles, and reasoning behind the product selection.