Good World Solutions

Giving a Voice to the Global Workforce

For six weeks during the Summer of 2014, two fellows traveled to Delhi and Bangalore, India, to work with the social enterprise Good World Solutions. Good World Solutions builds transparency in global supply chains by connecting factory workers at the base of the pyramid with supply chain managers through affordable, scalable web and mobile technologies.

During the Summer of 2014, these fellows conducted interviews with factory workers across five clothing factories. As a result, the fellows collected and analyzed data from workers to enable Good World Solutions with a better understanding of how their technology is perceived by workers, in an effort to scale their social impact. One fellow took photos and videos from factory visits, in order to further assist Good World Solutions in creating a video to enhance marketing and secure future funding.




Social Enterprise:
Good World Solutions

Matt Stockamp  
Holly McKenna  

Faculty Research Mentor
Dr. Emile McAnanay
Communications (Emeritus)


Action Research Report The fellows collected and analyzed data obtained through interviews with factory workers in order to compile an action research report, which contains findings and recommendations for the future success of Good World Solutions.

Factory Photos // Holly McKenna One fellow took photos and videos from factory visits to document workers engaging with Good World Solutions mobile technologies, in an effort to create a video, which will provide Good World Solutions with more marketing materials to enhance their social impact.