To empower women and promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth in remote, rural areas.


To document, improve and communicate how Eggpreneur is scaling its impact in partnership with Catholic Sisters, and to offer entrepreneurial knowledge to expanding value chain enterprises emerging from the Eggpreneur ecosystem.

Research Activities

Over 12 weeks, we conducted over 72 hours of zoom interviews with six Catholic Sisters from two congregational startups to evaluate and enhance Eggpreneur’s training program. We assessed the Sisters’ knowledge about social media and reviewed Eggpreneur’s existing methods of impact assessment. Through these activities we developed strategies to accompany them as they continue their work.

Key Findings:

The Sisters are resourceful and determined and were thus able to overcome a difficult, unexpected transition to online platforms. This shows that there is a viable opportunity to provide training, disperse materials, and share stories of impact online.

Continuous improvements in pedagogical tools advance Sisters’ learning. Incorporating a more flexible schedule for harder concepts and various ways to engage materials increases retention and understanding of concepts.

Refined impact measurement will help Eggpreneur focus and scale its work. With more quantifiable data to support its intended impact, Eggpreneur would better demonstrate its effectiveness to potential donors and partners, while also being better able to provide more specific support to its beneficiaries.


  1. Enhanced Apprenticeship Learning Experience. Our recommendations present the feedback received from the Sisters throughout our interviews. A major component of this process was revising existing financial models to advance students’ financial literacy. Eggpreneur was able to adjust their playbook to better meet the needs of their students.
    1. Download the Enhanced Apprenticeship Learning Experience
  2. Eggpreneur Poultry Farming Workbook. This extensive workbook draws on pre-existing training materials to provide a training option for outgrowers with limited access to the internet as well as a way for all learners to take notes and do activities by hand.
    1. Download the Poultry Farming Workbook
  3. Social Impact Assessment Toolkit. These surveys assess Eggpreneur’s impact on its community through its partners and outgrowers. It directly monitors economic impact, social impact, sustainability, and advancement towards the UN SDGs.
    1. Download the Social Impact Assessment Toolkit
  4. Storytelling Social Impact in a Digital World. Established social media accounts and accompanied the Sisters as they crafted online demonstrations of their personal voices and stories of impact. The Sisters now have their own accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn and have shared a series of posts that tell stories about their own work and experiences.


Social Enterprise:

Marissa Boylan
Environmental Science, Women and Gender Studies

Erin Malcolm
Ethnic Studies