All Across Africa

Research Activities

To evaluate the social impact of increased income on artisans, we traveled to rural districts in Rwanda and interviewed members of various cooperatives. We carried out approximately 100 interviews and surveys, gathering information about daily life, artisan stories, and Rwanda. We assessed various aspects of life for these artisans including healthcare, education, housing, income, savings and nutrition. Our research brought us beyond the artisans to other local beneficiaries in the region.

Key Findings:

1. All Across Africa advances women’s agency. All Across Africa provides women with steady employment and income, which has amplified effects. As they become primary breadwinners, the women have more say in their own household and increased confidence. They also developed additional leadership roles in their communities.

2. Reliable income transforms impoverished lifestyles. Artisans who work with All Across Africa are recognized in their community as people who have money and are developing quickly. This is evident in their improved lifestyle inside and outside the home. Many of the women are able to afford electricity, improved housing, and can send their kids to school.

3. Artisans become regional economic drivers. All Across Africa operates cross culturally. This results in new money injected into the Rwandan economy. With what each artisan earns, they are spending their income in different areas that, in turn, benefits other people and jobs in the community. Some of the major areas include, banking, medicine, schooling, and food.




Social Enterprise:

All Across Africa


Christina Harris


Haley Harada


Faculty Research Mentors:

Sean O’Keefe, Marketing


Recommendations for Ongoing Social Impact Assessment. Our survey identifies and quantifies the impact All Across Africa is having in different areas of an artisan’s life, including education, healthcare, savings, income, food, and empowerment. Additionally, this report describes recommendations for on-going assessment.


Artisan Profiles. These profiles, written about specific artisans, focus on the unique journey of each weaver. Paired with portrait photographs, profiles bring the Western consumer closer to the artisans to portray how artisan lives are transforming as a result of customer engagement with the company. Each story captures different struggles women have had to overcome in Rwandan society and what role working for All Across plays in their success.

Artisans as Regional Economic Drivers Report. Increased income in the hands of artisans profoundly impacts the greater Rwandan economy. Along with identifying the benefitting sectors, we will include quantitative data about how much money is flowing into each dimension of the local and regional economies.