Mentorship Opportunties

2024 Mentor Opportunities

(updated 2.22.2024)

Starting February 2024

Interviewers: Miller Center Accelerator (MCA27)

We are recruiting mentors to help start the interviews to select the next Miller Center Accelerator launching in July. The first round of interviews will be scheduled February 29 through March 8, 2024 either 8-10AM or 7PM. The second round of interviews will be scheduled May 6 – 21.  Interviews will take place over Zoom for 45 minutes plus 10 minutes of debrief.  For each interview, mentors will ask specific topic-related questions regarding business, finance, or impact for ~10 minutes each. If you sign up, you will be provided with a link to a SignUp App where you can indicate your availability within those dates and topic(s) to cover. If you also sign up to be a mentor in this cohort, you will have priority in your choice of social enterprise to mentor.


  • February 29 – May 21

Time Commitment:  

  • One-hour calls per interview plus 1-2 hours prep time

Program Managers: 

  • Joce Pulido
Mentors: Ad Hoc (Single or Limited Session) Bespoke Mentoring

We are recruiting mentors for a new ‘Ad Hoc Single or Limited Session’ bespoke mentoring pilot in which we will offer a select group of social entrepreneur alumni a mentor’s direct one-on-one feedback in an “ask me anything” style call. This bespoke mentoring will be for those entrepreneurs seeking help with thought-leadership, brainstorming, problem-solving, or second-opinions on business-related topics. The mentoring sessions will be limited to one 1-hour session (on a rolling basis throughout the year), with the opportunity to extend to additional sessions if both parties are aligned. We will be scheduling an information webinar to provide more detail.


  • On a rolling basis beginning end of February through 2024

Time Commitment:  

  • One 1-hour call with social entrepreneur (with option to extend)

Program Managers: 

  • Avery Rissling

Programs In Progress

    • Bespoke Mentoring
    • Miller Center Accelerator (MCA26)
    • Innovation Works SP24 Accelerator

Please note:

Once the entrepreneurs for each program or panel session have been selected, the Mentor Network Team will reach out to mentors who have registered their interest through our form or through the Miller Center’s community website. Accelerator mentors will receive a summary of the participants in the cohort and are encouraged to indicate any preferences, interests, and limitations. Panelists mentors will receive an email confirming their participation and an invitation to attend a panelist training Webinar. Generally, you can expect to hear from our team about two weeks before the start of any given program.

Email Lynne or Sharon with any questions at mc-mentors@scu.edu