Mentorship Opportunties

2022 Mentor Opportunities

(updated 1.26.2022)


Bespoke Mentoring

Miller Center is piloting a new program in which we provide customized 1:1 mentor support to a select group of social entrepreneur alumni. This program is driven by the specific project needs and timeline identified by the social entrepreneur and an assessment team. There is no assigned curriculum, rather the learning objective for each project is to help alumni address specific gaps in their businesses that are preventing them from receiving investment.

Currently we are looking for mentors with expertise in:

  • Marketing and communications
  • ERP and financial systems
  • Sector expertise in coffee
  • Sector expertise in mobile platforms

Dates: Varies by project

Time Commitment:

  • Depending on mentor availability as well as project needs, engagement may range from 2 to 12 months. The average time commitment per mentor will vary by project but will be a minimum 1-hour per week.

Program Manager: Karen Runde

Starting February 2022

2022 April In-Residence and pre-work - FULL + other opportunities ahead so stay tuned!

We are recruiting mentors for the April In-Residence and pre-work leading up to it. The cohort will be selected and mentor paired in Jan 2022, so that the invited social entrepreneurs can start working in February on their business plan decks. The pre-work phase in February and March is geared toward preparing social enterprises to articulate and defend their business models to investors. In April, the invited social entrepreneurs and their mentors will travel to Santa Clara University to learn from industry experts and each other. The week will consist of panel sessions, highly bespoke mentoring, with the potential to raise investment from Miller Center and its investment partners. A welcome reception held at the beginning of the week will kick off the program and will culminate with a final presentation event at the end of the week. The entire In-Residence will take place at the new SCDI building.

Dates: February 7 – April 8, 2022

Time Commitment:

  • Weekly one-hour calls with your social entrepreneur, In-Residence in April

Program Managers: Karen Runde and Alex Pan

Starting March 2022

Sopact Impact Measurement and Management Program

We are currently recruiting mentors for the Impact Measurement and Management Program in Partnership with Sopact. It will be a cohort of approximately 15 alumni entrepreneurs from all around the globe and from a variety of industries. This program will support enterprises in revising their Theory of Change, identifying 3 key outcomes, pulling existing data sources, creating stakeholder surveys, and starting to build an impact dashboard. Mentors will be supporting the curriculum side of the program and Sopact will support the technical aspect of building the dashboards.

Dates: March – May 2022

Time Commitment:

  • Hold weekly one-hour calls with your social entrepreneur

Program Manager: Isabel Miranda

Programs In Progress

    • Investment Readiness and Facilitation
    • Women’s Economic Empowerment

Please note:

Once the entrepreneurs for each program or panel session have been selected, the Mentor Network Team will reach out to mentors who have registered their interest through our form or through the Miller Center’s community website. Accelerator mentors will receive a summary of the participants in the cohort and are encouraged to indicate any preferences, interests, and limitations. Panelists mentors will receive an email confirming their participation and an invitation to attend a panelist training Webinar. Generally, you can expect to hear from our team about two weeks before the start of any given program.

Email Lynne or Sharon with any questions at mc-mentors@scu.edu