Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) is a challenge for everyone in the social impact ecosystem. At Miller Center we are taking this time as an opportunity to not only improve our own credibility and transparency when it comes to IMM but also support social entrepreneurs in demonstrating their impact.

In partnership with Sopact, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship is excited to launch its first pilot program focused on Impact Measurement and Management. This first of two pilot cohorts, which runs from August – November 2021, directly focuses on social impact evidence. Through a four-step program with high-touch support from our mentor network, Miller Center staff, and Sopact staff, entrepreneurs will:

  1. define their main outcomes,
  2. design impact questions for stakeholders,
  3. learn how to collect baseline data, and
  4. put together impact dashboards that help them make informed decisions on their work.

Furthermore, to enable our social enterprise partners to better measure and share their impact metrics, we will be subsidizing a 3-year license for the entrepreneurs to use Sopact’s Impact Cloud platform. Miller Center is also committed to improving our own impact measurement and management strategies and this platform will enable us to aggregate the work and impact of social entrepreneurs specific to our own additionality.

For more information on the program, please contact Isabel Miranda imiranda@scu.edu

Learn more about the 10 social enterprises participating in the first Impact Model Pilot program: